Sep 15, 2017

Episode #26: How to Put Money in Your Pocket With These Simple Sales Tools

September is all about sales and in this month's episode of Live from the Hive I'm talking to interior decorator Piper Turgeon from Eco Chic Interiors about how to get the best price for your home with a little help from a professional home stager.

Hint: Think de-clutter and clean, then clean again.

Keeping with the sales vibe, I'm also talking to sales expert Brad Solomon from Solomon Strategic Business Development.

Brad is going to be sharing some tips, tricks, and insights on how to effortlessly find leads and convert them sales without feeling like a used car salesman.

If you're struggling to drive traffic to your website or make the sale when people call, Solomon Strategic Business Development has the sales products you're looking for at a price you can afford.  


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Piper Turgeon, Eco Chic Interiors
Address: 908 Hanover Street, Suite 8, Manchester, NH 03104
Phone/Text: 603-553-9050

Brad Solomon