Jul 22, 2015

Episode #4: Live from the Hive with Graham Gifford 7/22/15

How do you spell success?

I know it'a a cliche, but if you looked up the word success in the dictionary you would find a picture of Graham Gifford.  

I'm totally serious.

It's not that she is superhuman or magical, though you may the odd fleck of pixie dust trailing behind her, it's because she has that rare ability to apply the lessons she learned yesterday to tomorrow's tasks.  

Think of it as a hybrid of common sense and insight.  

Whatever you want to call it, she's figured out how to define goals and choose the right path to gather the skills and experience needed to reach them.  And lucky for us, she has a consulting practice where she will happily share that skill with you.  

  • personal and business branding
  • business planning
  • product development
  • marketing 
  • networking
  • social media consulting

Join us for this week's podcast where Graham shares her tips for creating your own mission statement, developing a personal brand and leveraging the power of social media.  


To reach Graham Gifford:

Facebook: facebook.com/grahamgiffordconsulting

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/grahamgifford

New Hampshire Telephone Museum: nhtelephonemuseum.org/

New Hampshire Telephone Museum Events: nhtelephonemuseum.org/calendar-of-events.html


Jul 13, 2015

Episode #3: Live from the Hive with Piper Turgeon 7/13/15

Welcome Piper!

Please join us as we welcome this week's Live from the Hive guest, Piper Turgeon.

It's been a busy week of collaboration for Piper and Queen City Buzz.  Not only did we publish her first article as a Queen City Buzz contributor, but Piper very graciously stepped in as this week's Live from the Hive guest.  

For anybody who hasn't met her, Piper is the owner of the local design firm Eco Chic Interiors as well as being the New England Regional Director for the Gold Star Referral Clubs.  To put it plainly, Piper is one of those people who rolls up their sleeves and gets things done, and she always does it with a smile.

Networking = $$$

I know you're tired of hearing about it, and I've heard all the reasons that you hate it,

  • it doesn't work
  • it takes too much effort
  • there's nowhere to meet people

but the simple fact is that networking = money and no business can survive without it.  

Three weeks ago I introduced you to David Barron, a hypnotist with a thriving business.  This week we're talking with Piper Turgeon.  

Piper runs an interior design firm.  It's not the kind of service that the average person on a tight budget is going to spend their money on yet, like David, Piper is always busy.  

How is this possible?

Because they network.

You too can be a networking god/goddess in 5 easy steps

Networking is about meeting one person and making a connection.  You may never do business with that person, but your relationship with them can open the door to new sales opportunities.

Piper has taken the task of networking and distilled it down to five easy steps.  (See Stress Free Networking in 5 Easy Steps)

  1. Start with a plan
  2. Only take a couple business cards
  3. Listen
  4. Connect
  5. Follow Up

That's it.  

If you would like to contact Piper Turgeon she can be reached at 603-553-9050 or by email at paturgeon@mac.com

For more information about Eco Chic Interiors please visit their website at www.ecochicint.com

For more information about Gold Star Referral Clubs please visit their website at www.goldstarreferralclubs.com