Jun 30, 2015

Live from the Hive with Jen Ryan from Jen Ryan Coaching 6/29/15

Finding Your Why

Join us on Live from the Hive as this week's guest, Jen Ryan from Jen Ryan Coaching, talks about finding your why, discovering your talents and how to figure out what your new direction should be.  

I met Jen back in April when I was researching a story about her New England Goal setting group and I knew within the first 5 minutes that she was the real deal. 

That's all it took for her to help me drill down and not only see the patterns of my choices, but the why behind them. She also gave me some super tips for recovering from an injury so I could safely get back into yoga, but that was just an added bonus.

Sometimes all it takes is an impartial third party to help us see the truth of our actions.

"Discovering your unique talents allows you to achieve your ultimate goals"

 As Jen says, most things come down to finding your why.

  •  Why you make the choices you do

  •  Why you can't break bad habits

  •  Why you struggle to achieve your goals

Once you can answer these questions you can achieve anything.

For more information about Jen Ryan Coaching please visit:http://www.jenryancoaching.com/

Not ready for one-on-one coaching?

Try New England Goal Setting, Jen's networking and professional development group for small group support with creating goals and overcoming obstacles.

For information about the New England Goal Setting group please visit: http://www.meetup.com/New-England-goal-setting-personal-and-professional-growth/


Jun 22, 2015

Live from the Hive with David Barron of New Hampshire Hypnosis 6/22/15

Who says networking doesn't pay off?

I stopped by last week's Gold Star Mill City meetup at the Airport Diner and had the good fortune to meet David Barron from New Hampshire Hypnosis.

Unlike a lot of people I meet, David's business isn't something that every person or business needs. He serves a small niche market in an even smaller state and I was blown away by how well he has leveraged all the free and low cost marketing tools to build and maintain his business.

David accepted my invitation to be the first guest on the full-length version of Live from the Hive where he shared anecdotes about clients, think dominatrix, business tips and his experiences bootstrapping from an underfunded startup to become New Hampshire's preeminent hypnotist. 

  • looking for paying clients
  • networking
  • advertising
  • overcoming financial challenges

 Whether you've ever thought about using hypnosis to or not, David's experiences as a small business startup might give you some insights into your business challenges.

For more information about David Barron and New Hampshire Hypnosis please visit http://www.newhampshirehypnosis.com


Jun 15, 2015

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Jun 9, 2015

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Jun 2, 2015

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