Live from the Hive Episode #7: Summer’s Last Surge



Things are Hopping Here in New Hampshire! (See how I cleverly avoided saying buzzing?)

It is no exaggeration when I say that these are exciting times to be in the Queen City. Here at Queen City Buzz we launched the new website this month and we're rolling out the long awaited Coffee Buzz Networking Group.

And if that isn't enough we have three guests in the hive this week who will educate you, get your finances in order and teach you how to wow your friends with cool new skills. 

Financial planner Jeff Boutin will be talking about his free financial planning workshop, Surviving Financial Meltdown. Jeff is a Christian financial planner who preaches the fundamentals when it comes to making a budget, organizing your expenses and planning your goals. The workshop is free and it's a great opportunity to go into the expensive holiday/heating season on top of your money.

Graham Gifford is talking all thing MOOC (that's massive open online courses to the rest of us). As a virtual education junkie Graham has all the details for taking advantage of all those great FREE online courses to up your game and stay relevant in today's tight job market. Hint: Coursera is her absolute favorite!

Last up David Barron from New Hampshire Hypnosis is giving us the 411 on his upcoming hypnosis training workshop. Not only does the seminar cover the nuts and bolts of how to do hypnosis, but he's sharing all his insider secrets about building and sustaining a successful practice.

On top of all that, our last podcast has had over 1900 downloads!

Crazy times here at Queen City Buzz headquarters.

Let us know if you have any questions or if we forgot any links.

And don't forget, Graham wants to hear from you if you've taken an online course.


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Here's a link to the Introduction to Public Speaking course Graham raved about:

Places to Host Your Own Workshops

Jeff Boutin

David Barron