Kickstart Monday: You Are What You Think You Are


Who do you think you are?

There is one voice that is always with us, the one that has seen all of our actions and knows the truth of our desires even when we aren't ready to admit them to ourselves.

Are you smart? Are you pretty? Do you suck?


We all have an internal monologue, what do you tell yourself?

On an average day we're all bombarded with criticisms, other people's expectations and conflicting messages, but the most important voice is our own. Sometimes it gets lost in the babble, but it's the only one that is always there.

Why not build ourselves up instead of tearing ourselves down?

Why believe you're bad, unworthy or flawed when you can believe that you're kind, caring and successful?

With belief comes possibility,

Believe the best about yourself and you will achieve it.

Have a great week!

Pat Hammond

Editor & Queen Bee at Queen City Buzz​