Kickstart Monday: How to Wade Through the Crazy Without Losing Your Mind



Feeling like this summer has been one big challenge? You're not alone...

I'm hearing from a lot of people that things have been spiraling out of control lately which got me wondering how people wade through the crazy without losing their mind.

In my world, the first step is always going to be to define the problem.

Is it a demanding client? Is it family, friends or co-workers? Is it a technical or mechanical issue?

Is the challenge just one person or are you being bombarded with people and problems all demanding your immediate attention?

My experience has been that crazy doesn't happen in a vacuum.Like attracts like and once you've got one disaster in your personal gravity field you end up with multiple people and challenges orbiting planet-you. And since I've already tortured my astrophysics analogy, I going to go all-in and say that if you do not take control of the situation you will end up like a big black hole sucking in whatever debris enters your personal space.

Life is full of challenges and left unchecked those little things will start to add up and overwhelm you.

Which brings me to the next question, is it really your problem?

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it's pretty common for people to dump their problems on other people with the hope that someone else will fix them.

If it's something that you feel obliged to fix and you can actually do something about it, then add it to the to-do list. Otherwise, let it go.

Lend a shoulder or an ear, give some advice or point them to someone who can help, but let it go.

If it really is your problem then you need to determine if it's something that you can fix.

If the answer is yes all you have to do is break down the problem into manageable chunks.

Start by fixing critical items first, then extend your timeline so that you're dealing with a workable to do list.

It may take a little longer than you'd like and you may need to get some outside help, but you'll feel a lot better once you have a well-considered action plan.

If it's something you can't fix yourself, the next question is why.

Is it lack of resources like money, time, or skill? What can you do to overcome those obstacles?

The idea is to keep drilling down until you have something actionable.

If the resolution is truly out of your hands then you're going to have to let it go. Maybe that means handing it off to someone else, or maybe that means walking away entirely.

At the end of the day wading through the crazy without losing your mind comes down to three steps.

  • define the problem
  • make an action plan
  • let it go

I'm not going to lie here. Letting go is a learned skill, and it's hard.

If you can be objective and master all three of these skills you will have the confidence and vision to deal with your own crises, help your friends and wade through the crazy without losing your mind.

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