Kickstart Monday: How to Get and Stay Motivated, episode 1


Welcome to Kickstart Monday!

I don't know about you, but I am wicked excited to be launching Kickstart Monday.

I'm one of those people who absolutely loves Mondays. To me Mondays are all about the possibilities. It's like a do-over every week, so let go of whatever you didn't finish last week, this is your chance to regroup, tweak that plan and start over fresh.

To kick off the very first Kickstart Monday I am sharing an article from one of my favorite business writers, Geoffrey James. The article is titled 23 Ways to Get and Keep Motivated and it is chock full of ideas for how to overcome those nagging every day challenges so we can get and stay motivated all week. (Note: I may start the week all wide eyed and giddy, but even I start to slump by Wednesday...)

The thing I liked about this article is that it's like a one page road map for pretty much any situation you're going to have to deal with as a business person.

It doesn't matter whether you're just starting your journey, are in the middle of a big project or if you're trying to deal with an unexpected detour, this article has the tools to reboot your motivation and keep you going all week.

I'm going to share my top three picks and they are definitely a reflection of where I am right now, but I'd love to hear your favorites. Click the link and take a look at the article. Which of James' suggestions speaks to where you are today?

1. Realize that you are in control. "You cannot control the outside world, but you can control your reaction to it."
This is such an important message because unless you live under a rock there are going to be people who disagree or challenge your ideas. And that's absolutely fine. Sometimes we need a different perspective to tackle a problem or build a better product, but at the end of the day, you will never succeed if you give away your power.

2. Have goals—but remain flexible. "No plan should be cast in concrete, lest it become more important than achieving the goal." 
This one should probably be my mantra. It would not an exaggerating to say that I am an obsessive planner. I make plans, backup plans and backup plans for my backup plans. I even make what-if scenarios for the things that aren't on today's to do list but might someday quality as a maybe. And yet with all of my planning I know at the end of the day that my plans have to be flexible enough to respond to change. The important message here is to keep your eye on the big picture. Your goal is your destination, but sometimes you have to take a few detours to get there.

3. Don’t expect perfection. "Perfectionists are the losers in the game of life. Strive for excellence rather than the unachievable."
Perfection is a fools game and the only way to overcome it is to start with a well defined end goal. If you have a clear idea of what the end result is, how it should look or what it should do you won't get sucked into the insanity that goes with striving for perfection.

The ability to get and stay motivated is about being in control of your own choices, actions and reactions. Take a look at the article. Which of James' suggestions speaks to the biggest challenge you have today?

Don't forget to check out the article 23 Ways to Get and Keep Motivated by Geoffrey James and leave me a message. I'd love to hear what you do to stay motivated.

Have a great week!

Pat Hammond

Editor & Queen Bee at Queen City Buzz


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