Episode #4: Live from the Hive with Graham Gifford 7/22/15


How do you spell success?

I know it'a a cliche, but if you looked up the word success in the dictionary you would find a picture of Graham Gifford.  

I'm totally serious.

It's not that she is superhuman or magical, though you may the odd fleck of pixie dust trailing behind her, it's because she has that rare ability to apply the lessons she learned yesterday to tomorrow's tasks.  

Think of it as a hybrid of common sense and insight.  

Whatever you want to call it, she's figured out how to define goals and choose the right path to gather the skills and experience needed to reach them.  And lucky for us, she has a consulting practice where she will happily share that skill with you.  

  • personal and business branding
  • business planning
  • product development
  • marketing 
  • networking
  • social media consulting

Join us for this week's podcast where Graham shares her tips for creating your own mission statement, developing a personal brand and leveraging the power of social media.  


To reach Graham Gifford:

Facebook: facebook.com/grahamgiffordconsulting

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/grahamgifford

New Hampshire Telephone Museum: nhtelephonemuseum.org/

New Hampshire Telephone Museum Events: nhtelephonemuseum.org/calendar-of-events.html