Episode 14: How to Get Noticed With Video From the NH Business Show



Did you know there is a video version of Queen City Buzz?

In this month's episode of Live from the Hive I am talking with Chris Pastrana from the New Hamsphire Business show and he is going to share insider tips and answer questions about using video to market your small business.

  • How to use video
  • Why it's more cost effective to hire a pro to shoot your video
  • Why he offers free video interviews for you to use on you website & social media
  • How to think outside the box with video

We're also going to talk about the Veterans Week promotion, why we're doing it and why it's so important to us.

Click on the link and find out what a free video interview with the New Hampshire Business Show can do for you!

For more information about the NH Business Show, you can find them on the web at http://nhbusinessshow.com or you find all of Chris' social media links at Clyxo.com


There is still time to participate in the Veterans Week promotion.

If you're a veteran and would like to have your business featured on Queen City Buzz and the New Hampshire Business Show, let us know.

For more information please visit: Vet Week 2016 or click the Uncle Sam graphic on Queen City Buzz or New Hampshire Business Show. And if you're feeling old school give us a call.

Chris Pastrana, NH Business Show 603-493-2843

Pat Hammond, Queen City Buzz 603-264-0788