Feb 15, 2017

Episode #19: How to Earn Good Karma & Be a Better Networker With Kevin Willett

New England's King of Networking

On this month's episode of Live from the Hive I am talking with New England's un-official King of Networking, the one and only Kevin Willett.

For anyone who hasn't met Kevin, I can guarantee you that it is just a matter of time.

This man is everywhere and he's connected to just about everyone in southern New Hampshire and the Greater Boston area.

In addition to his role as a professional networker through his eponymous Friends of Kevin networking group, Willett also manages the New England B2B Networking group, hosts the Friends of Kevin Radio Show, and the Business as Usual television show.

You might even say when it comes to networking, Willett has been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, and wrote the book about it.

And it would be true.

He tells me that he did make Friends of Kevin t-shirts when he first started the Friends of Kevin Networking group and he's also the author of One Connection: How You Can Grow Your Business (and Change the World) One Connection at a Time.

Whether you are taking baby steps or ready to jump right in, Willett is the man to help you connect with the right people in New England.

For more information about Friends of Kevin, you can them on the web at friendsofkevin.com. and if you're looking for strictly B2B connections take a look at New England B2B Networking . Or, if you're feeling really bold, send an email or reach out to him on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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