Nov 15, 2017

Episode #28: How to Maximize Your Ad Reach with Facebook

Are Facebook Ads Really the Right Choice for Your Limited Marketing Dollars?

If you are like a lot of small business owners, you don't have the time or money to waste on advertising campaigns that don't work. 

As promised, Brad Solomon from Solomon Strategic Business Development is back this month to talk about how to use Facebook ads to connect with the people who want and need your services.  

He's going to be sharing his insider tips on how to:

  • target the right audience
  • make an offer that people care about
  • use graphics and videos to capture attention and foster engagement

It might sound a little overwhelming, but it's a lot easier and way more cost effective than you think. (Hint: He's even got tips on how to find out who has seen your ad before a purchase and how to make today's customer a repeat customer by using targeted Facebook advertising.)

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Brad Solomon, Partner Solomon Strategic Business Development


Oct 15, 2017

Episode #27: How to Save Time & Your Sanity With Perfectly Balanced Bookkeeping


How do you know if you're winning if you don't keep score?

We are into October, the end of the year is coming up fast and if you've been paying attention the past three years you'll know that means it's almost time to talk about my favorite topic.  Nope, it's not networking.  

My favorite topic is goals.  


One of the keys to creating goals is to make sure the task you want to achieve is something measurable, and when it comes to business goals, the measurements usually revolve around revenue.  

You need to know how much money you've made, how much you've spent, where you're spending it, and who still owes you money.

Unless you've kept up on your bookkeeping, it can be an overwhelming task. The good news is that this is one of those things that can be easily and affordably outsourced.On this month's episode of Live from the Hive I am speaking with Diane Bertrand from Perfectly Balanced Bookkeeping.  She's going to be demystifying some of those confusing accounting terms and explaining how a professional bookkeeper can help you save time, money, and your sanity, and telling us why a bookkeeper should be an essential player on your business team

Diane's video: Profit and Loss Statement Explained

Do you have a bookkeeping question?  Give Diane a call!


NOTE $$$$$: One thing that didn't get mentioned in the podcast is that because Diane is a Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor, she is able to offer her clients a discount on their Quickbooks Pro subscription.  

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Diane Bertrand, Perfectly Balanced Bookkeeping
Phone/Text: 860 205-4278


Sep 15, 2017

Episode #26: How to Put Money in Your Pocket With These Simple Sales Tools

September is all about sales and in this month's episode of Live from the Hive I'm talking to interior decorator Piper Turgeon from Eco Chic Interiors about how to get the best price for your home with a little help from a professional home stager.

Hint: Think de-clutter and clean, then clean again.

Keeping with the sales vibe, I'm also talking to sales expert Brad Solomon from Solomon Strategic Business Development.

Brad is going to be sharing some tips, tricks, and insights on how to effortlessly find leads and convert them sales without feeling like a used car salesman.

If you're struggling to drive traffic to your website or make the sale when people call, Solomon Strategic Business Development has the sales products you're looking for at a price you can afford.  


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Piper Turgeon, Eco Chic Interiors
Address: 908 Hanover Street, Suite 8, Manchester, NH 03104
Phone/Text: 603-553-9050

Brad Solomon


Aug 15, 2017

Episode #25: How to Look Your Best & Save Money With an Image Consultant

A Little Help for Your Tech and Style Woes


When you work in the corporate world you have an IT department to handle all those tech challenges - computers, software, and data security. It all seems so easy when the guy from IT shows up, plugs in a few cables, taps a few keystrokes and says "Okay, you're all set." But when you're on your own one of the first things you notice is that all that tech is a little more complicated than it looks. Especially nowadays when everything we do is on a computer or in the cloud.

In this month's episode of Live from the Hive, IT tech Joe Tauras from Team Logic IT will be on hand to talk about software, hardware, and those pesky ransomware viruses. We're also going to be sharing a major announcement about a new podcast.

I'm also going to be joined by featured guest Sharon Jensen from Embrace Your Wardrobe.

Sharon is a professional image and color consultant who will be sharing her top tips to help you define your personal style.


  • Discover the best colors for your hair & skin tone
  • Define the best styles for your body shape
  • Create the perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle

She's also going to be talking about how to save money by shopping your closet, using a tailor, and shopping at consignment stores.

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Joe Tauras, Team Logic IT
Address: 908 Hanover Street, Suite 8, Manchester, NH 03104
Phone: 603-505-4665

Sharon Jensen
Phone: 603-670-4213

Sharon's upcoming classes/events:

8/19/17 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM at Hangers Crossing 62 Portsmouth Ave, Stratham NH
9/24/17 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM - Brookline Wedding Expo
9/28/17 Polish Your Image 5-week Adult Education Course


Jul 15, 2017

Episode #24: How to Solve Problems and Get Things Done

screenshot from

Two Local Business Owners Find Success as Problem Solvers

In this month's episode of Live from the Hive I am talking with Manchester business owner and Ward 6 aldermanic candidate Ryan Van Orden.

As the owner of Uni-Star Cleaning Service, Van Orden has overcome a lot of obstacles to start and grow his business and will be sharing some of his insights and experiences as a parent and small business owner in the Queen City.

Also this month, Candy Osborne, owner of Snowbird Creatives, is giving insider tips and tricks for taking control of your business content so that you reach your target audience and make the sale.

  • Identify your audience
  • Know your end goal
  • Create a plan
  • Reuse existing content
  • Build relationships

For more tips about content marketing be sure to check out the blog at


Reminder: Coffee Buzz Networking will be back from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM on Monday, August 14th at Aroma Joe's Coffee, 2 S. Beech Street, Manchester.  

If you like the podcast please take a minute to click the subscribe button, like us on Itunes, and share the podcast on your favorite social media platform.  

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Ryan Van Orden

Phone: 603-867-MAID (6243)

Cleaning for a Reason

Candy Osborne

Phone: 603-557-4805


Jun 15, 2017

Episode #23: Day Care, Pizza & Marketing

Uno Pizzeria and Grill

Above & Beyond Childcare

In this month's episode of Live from the Hive, we're talking about daycare with Rebecca Collins, owner of Above & Beyond Childcare.

Whether you're self-employed or work in a cubicle, day care is a big issue for a lot of parents and Rebecca is going to give us some insider tips for finding the right daycare provider for your family as well as some news about upcoming rule changes to the State of New Hampshire's licensing for day care providers.

Rebecca's Tips for Finding the Right Day Care:


  1. Verify center is licensed

    1. Ask if they've gone to the next step to obtain License Plus rating
    2. Ask for teacher qualifications, training, or certifications
    3. Check with the state
  2. Do an unplanned site visit
    1. What is the condition of the facility?
    2. What is the ratio of teachers to children?
    3. Are the children engaged?
    4. Are activities age appropriate
  3. Think about your child's comfort zone
    1. Does your child prefer smaller groups or do they like a lot of social activities?
  4. Review the security
    1. Are all the doors locked?
    2. Are outdoor play areas enclosed?
    3. Are classrooms, play areas, and public spaces free from common hazards (cleaning products, tools, etc...)
  5. Meet with the teachers
    1. Your daycare provider should be a good fit for both your child and your family

Uno Pizzeria & Grill: Your Catering & Marketing Solution (Yes, I said marketing...)

Also this month, Sarah Coletti, the regional marketing director for Uno Pizzeria & Grill will be sharing the latest news on networking events, summer specials, and how Unos can help you cater your next event while earning some money for your favorite charity.

When it comes to marketing on a budget, you've got to think out of the box. Uno's budget conscious catering and Dough Raiser program can help you help the community, improve your company's visibility, impress clients, and network with potential customers. That's a lot of bang for your buck. Listen to the podcast and hear what Sarah has to say. Trust me when I say it's amazing how far your marketing dollars can go when you partner with Uno Pizzaria.

  • Catering for almost every taste (Including many gluten-free options!)

  • Dough Raiser - helping you raise money for your favorite charity!

  • Event Hosting

603 Networking

Monday, June 19th 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM at UNO Pizzeria & Grill, 593 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH 03063

Monday, June 19th 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM UNO Pizzeria & Grill, 120 Laconia Road, Tilton, NH 03276

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Rebecca Collins Above & Beyond Childcare
Manchester address/phone: 47 Depot Road Manchester NH (603)782-5689
Hooksett address/phone: 1461 Hooksett Road Hooksett, NH (603)627-4161

NH Department of Health and Human Services, Child Care Licensing Unit:

Sarah Coletti Uno Pizzeria & Grill
phone: (978) 914-0514


May 15, 2017

Episode #22: How to Point Your Business in the Right Direction

In this month's episode...

In this month's episode of Live from the Hive, the incomparable Tammy Downing from Out of the Box Tours is back in the Hive. Tammy is always a lot of fun and you will definitely want to stay tuned to hear about her latest paranormal and foodie tours around New England.

Also this month, I am super excited to have special guest Jordyn Mastacouris from On Point Consulting.

If you've ever dreamed of starting your own business, you need to put Jordyn on speed dial.

On Point Consulting is your fast track to success!

Her agency can help you with everything you need to put your small business on the fast track to success!

  • Find an attorney
  • File the paperwork
  • Business Planning
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Insurance, permits, & more!

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Tammy Downing

Phone: 603-660-8427


Jordyn Mastacouris

Phone: 603-361-1384


Apr 15, 2017

Episode #21: Glow Worms & Social Media, Oh My!

Overwhelmed by Social Media?

Has anyone else noticed that the only people who think using social media to market your business is easy are the people who don't actually have a business?

Don't get me wrong, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are great options for a budget conscious business owner, but they're not easy.

They require careful planning, a commitment to regular posts, and a willingness to engage not only with the people who follow you but in whatever group or conversation you find your target market. And this all has to be done without sounding like you're spouting a canned sales pitch.

As if that wasn't enough, you have to block off time away from running your business for each and every social media platform you use. It's not hard if you have the time and tools, but when you're a small business owner there is never enough time.

This month's Live from the Hive guests are Stephanie Edwards from Social Wize, LLC and Graham Gifford from the NH Telephone Museum.

Stephanie will be sharing insider tips and tricks on how to tackle your social media marketing, and Graham will be talking about glow worms and how to overcome perfectionism. And yes, you read that right, I said glow worms. (Hint: They play an important role in the latest Telephone Museum special exhibit.)

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Stephanie Edwards


Graham Gifford

NH Telephone Museum

Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living, Shauna Niequist

How to Mentor a Perfectionist, W. Brad Johnson and David G. Smith, Harvard Business Journal



Mar 15, 2017

Episode #20: Office Design & Promoting Your Business with Justin Mikolyski & Chris Pastrana

In this month's episode...

In this month's Live from the Hive I am talking about office design and functional workspace with Justin Mikolyski from Creative Office Pavilion and how to promote your business using video with Chris Pastrana from the NH Business Show.

It doesn't matter if you are a one man office working from your apartment or if you have a hundred employees in the Millyard, every office needs the right design and equipment to keep your staff healthy and productive.

  • chairs
  • lighting
  • work surfaces

Justin Mikolyski is here to share his insider tips on things to think about when you need to add more desks without moving to new office space. He's also talking about how to keep up with next generation needs in an evolving workplace, and how hiring a professional design team can make the transition to your new office space worry-free.

I'm also catching up with Chris Pastrana from the NH Business Show. He's sharing how testimonial videos can be a very affordable way to create social proof in competitive markets. We're also talking about his new Elevator Pitch coaching product and the new veteran's business networking group.


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Justin Mikolyski:

phone: 603-339-1649



Chris Pastrana:




NH Business Partner Finder Group:


Feb 15, 2017

Episode #19: How to Earn Good Karma & Be a Better Networker With Kevin Willett

New England's King of Networking

On this month's episode of Live from the Hive I am talking with New England's un-official King of Networking, the one and only Kevin Willett.

For anyone who hasn't met Kevin, I can guarantee you that it is just a matter of time.

This man is everywhere and he's connected to just about everyone in southern New Hampshire and the Greater Boston area.

In addition to his role as a professional networker through his eponymous Friends of Kevin networking group, Willett also manages the New England B2B Networking group, hosts the Friends of Kevin Radio Show, and the Business as Usual television show.

You might even say when it comes to networking, Willett has been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, and wrote the book about it.

And it would be true.

He tells me that he did make Friends of Kevin t-shirts when he first started the Friends of Kevin Networking group and he's also the author of One Connection: How You Can Grow Your Business (and Change the World) One Connection at a Time.

Whether you are taking baby steps or ready to jump right in, Willett is the man to help you connect with the right people in New England.

For more information about Friends of Kevin, you can them on the web at and if you're looking for strictly B2B connections take a look at New England B2B Networking . Or, if you're feeling really bold, send an email or reach out to him on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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Friends of Kevin Networking

New England B2B Networking

Friends of Kevin Radio

One Connection: How You Can Grow Your Business (and Change the World) One Connection at a Time

Business as Usual YouTube Channel


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